Sunday, May 23, 2010

CopySourceAsHtml for Visual Studio 2010

I just installed a copy of Visual Studio 2010 and have been loving it. However, I was missing my CopySourceAsHtml add-in. The download on Codeplex states its for Visual Studio 2008, and indeed it is. So after some Googling I found many solutions for getting this to work in 2010, but most were wrong, or just hard to follow. So here is a simple and easy (and easy to follow) solution for getting this to work in 2010.

1. Download the MSI from Codeplex (link above) and install in the default location, which should be C:\Program Files\J.T. Leigh & Associates\CopySourceAsHtml

2. Open VS2010 and go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Add-in/Macro Security

3. Under the "Add-in File Paths" click ADD and navigate to the folder location where you installed it via the tree view provided, and click OK

4. Next open the AddIn file (which is XML) and edit it. Just click File -> Open -> File and navigate to the folder where you installed it and open the addin file (CopySourceAsHtml.AddIn).

5. Change the two version elements from 9.0 to 10.0:


    <Name>Microsoft Visual Studio Macros</Name>




    <Name>Microsoft Visual Studio</Name>



6. Save the file and close VS2010. Relaunch it and you will now see Copy As Html listed in the Edit menu.


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