SharePoint Development Server Build - Part 2, The Build

In the previous post, SharePoint Development Server Build - Part 1, I outlined all the components I was looking to get for the build of my SharePoint 2013 development machine.  This was a general list of items and aimed at getting the most power/space for the least amount of money.  Well now all the parts are in and the build is upon us.

This is a 3 part series that inlcudes:
So let's take a look at what the final inventory looks like along with pricing:
The grand total with shipping was $660.77.  I think this is a pretty good price for the specs I have.  I was lucky that I was buying during the holiday season, so NewEgg was throwing deals just about every day.  While this price is good, it could be better.  Here are some options that would easily trim the price down:
With the cuts above I suspect you could get this dev machine down to around the $525 mark pretty easily.  Its all about your needs and budget, but hopefully this will dispell the myth of needing to spend massive amounts of money to build a quality dev machine.

Now on to the build!  I'm not going to go through all the steps, below you'll find some pics and high level descriptions.  One thing to note is I did not get any optical drives, so no DVD/CDs here.  The motherboard supported boot from USB, so I used the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to create a bootable USB drive from an ISO.  This tool was great!  I bought a new 8GB USB drive for $14 as this tool will format the drive in the process, so I wanted something that didn't already have any files on it.  Once I was done, I just deleted all the files and I have a new flash drive.  w00t!

Here are some pics:

Here is the empty case with the motheboard in the background.

Motherboard with CPU and heatsink installed.  This was my first build and this part made me nervous.  It took a lot of pressure to get that heatsink installed, I thought for sure the board was going to break!

Motherboard installed in the case with all the RAM installed.  At this point everything is installed and I just need to connect all the wiring.

This was the first power on.  The ASRock motherboard has a nice GUI interface.  Everything looked good!

Final product sitting at a Windows Server 2012 login screen.  From power on to login screen takes about 10 seconds!  Power of the SSD!

So that's it.  A beefy development machine for well under $700.  I hope this post shows that you can build a well spec'd out machine for relatively little money.  In my case, SharePoint and .NET are my career path so dropping that money was truly an investment in my future.  I plan on using this machine to build a SharePoint 2013 Farm, as well as several stand alone machines for various purposes.


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