Thursday, February 14, 2013

SharePoint Development Server Build - Part 3, The Install

Its been a while since I started this series.  The development machine is built and is running great.  However, I have not had the time to build out my Farm like a I wanted, and I did not want this series to go unfinished.

This is a 3 part series that inlcudes:
So the current status on the machine is this:  I have a single Hyper-V virtual machine that is running a standalone installation of SharePoint 2013!  Ta-da!  Not very impressive I know, but unfortunately my time has been tight since the build finished.

Given the specs and power of the machine, here is where I intend to take it:
  • 1 VM which will act as a domain controller
  • 1 VM with SQL Server
  • 1 VM with SharePoint 2013 (WFE & APP)
This is going to be my base Farm for which I will use for certification studying, sandbox, and general playing around.  I will also have some standalone installations which I can fire up and replace at will for more hardcore things.

Sorry I couldn't share more concrete details, but the main part of the series was showing how powerful and inexpensive a development machine can be.  I think I got that across.



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  2. Virtual machine is one of the way to build SharePoint server which actually I personally think is not a better way, instead of that you should have build a sharePoint server with all the development tools on it. This would be easier to deal latter on.

    1. Tomm, we'll have to disagree on this point. I would much rather have a virtual machine for development so many reasons. The most important to me is being able to spin up another development server at will (with all the development tools on it). This is invaluable to me as a consultant, as each client has different needs in their setup. Also, with snapshots I can make changes to the server without fear of breaking something.