Code Samples

I contribute to the TechNet SharePoint Products code gallery as well as CodePlex. You can find some of my solutions here. If you enjoy any of the code samples found here, please rate them!

CodePlex Submissions

SharePoint 2010 Extended Details
The SharePoint 2010 Extended Details feature solves the problem of complex site and list setup details that do not have a home. Often sites will have a specific information architecture/structure, lists may have multiple workflows attached, lookup columns from other lists, etc. While you can certainly spend time tracking all this information down, it would be easier to capture it in a central location for all to reference later. The SharePoint 2010 Extended Details feature does just that.

TechNet Gallery Submissions

Use the Silverlight Media Player Javascript to Show Videos in SharePoint 2010
This solution shows how to use the Silverlight Media Player in SharePoint 2010 by implementing the mediaplayer.js file. This complete solution demostrates using custom webpart properties to allow users to provide a URL for their video file as well as a text title, then more.

Annual Review of Documents Using PowerShell in SharePoint
In your SharePoint travels you may come across a requirement to have users review documents based on a timeframe. For instance, the requirement may say something like:"Users must review documents every 12 months to ensure content is correct and up to date. Etc, etc." This more.

SharePoint 2010 Confirmation Modal Dialog
This solution shows how to implement a confirmation modal dialog using jQuery and SharePoint 2010. It also demostrates the differences in implementing a confirmation modal dialog via SharePoint and how to implement it with jQuery UI. Full code examples are included with more.

Use Powershell and Excel to Automate Adding Webparts to SharePoint Pages
This solution shows how to use Powershell and a CSV file to automate your work. It contains 3 CSVs and 3 Powershell scripts. The 1st demostrate the ease with which you can craft a simple CSV and have Powershell open and parse the data. The 2nd and 3rd demostrate how you more.

PowerShell to Reset Unique Permissions (Inherit Permissions) on a List/Library
This script will reset unique permissions on a list or library as well as all the items in the list/library.  It uses the ResetRoleInheritance() method on the list and list items to inherit permissions from the parent.  The script takes three (3) more.